bad beat all the time,funny RNG

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It's not possible for users to delete accounts, but I can do it for you. Do you really want me to delete your account because of this thread? Okay...

Deleting accounts will include your forum account too. You also could just stop playing and come back if you changed you mind.

ok,not a bad idea,will stop to play for awile & try to ease my mind,all these bad beat make me play like a fool sometime,but still think that the RNG is not right ,no problems at the beginnig execpt for a few bad beat that i can understand but after a while you'll get heavy ones,i have played under others pseudo in this game before it crash out & the same thing happennig everytimes,so delete my old account and start a new one and things going right at the beginnig but after a while the same thing happens again & again,strange kind of things,so perhaps will try again,let's see ,i will let you know

ok i have try again, take 2 bat bad beats in 2 games,the worst one is a pair of 10 against a pair of 8,make a raise,four guys calls ,get a 3 of a kind on the flop,can't remember exacttly was was on the flop but but there was a A & a other card higher than a 8,so don't try to trap this time(even if it's no draw at all on the flop) the other guy call me???? so on turn still got no draw so make a big bet & still call me,an on the river WOW it came a 8,so this time i'm really tired up, it's enough ,just delete my account you'll say you can do it,so just do it,this game is a joke it's getttng worst every time,so now don't lost the 70 or 80 percent but lost the 95 against the 5 percent(not the first time this happen)like i said before lose all 3 of a kind against runner runner flush or colour but now it's against four of a kind????really a joke so just remove my account,this time for real,i'm a little bit surprised that you play this game & don't see this,really???like i have said before it's not my first account on this game & the same things happens every time,kind of a joke ,so just delete my account,it's enough,just do it for me,thanks

one last thing about my last post it was a runner runner four of a kind, it's not wouldn't be funny without this.really like all those runner runner ,really funny,isn't it?
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