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Yeah, I'd like to report the player who cries fowl about verbal abuse online and tells others to "mind your game" whose only "game" is to troll, skew the odds, the pot, RUIN the play for everyone ELSE!! And bait others into those specific chat responses on PURRRRPOSE. ANYONE and EVERYONE with good intentions geets frustrated and fed up with it EVERY TIME!!! SO I CALL BS.. Take that to THE Hague straight out of Bundestag
Harley Quinn
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You should download some english.

Plus you're one more who tries to insult me, but next time I'll screenshot it and report you.

And yes, there are many people who like and or don't care about the way I play.

If you don't like, leave the table or even the game.

See ya!
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Gotta love Harley !
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