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avatar file size

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 11:53 pm
by bonobo
Ok so know this is pretty minor but any chance we'll be able to have more than 6 KiB for an uploaded avatar? There's no way I can get the Jpg of my radical looking chimp down to that size with any clarity. Smallest I've got it trimmed to is 29.5 KB. He has such a sweet doo it would be a shame not to use him for my avatar! Told ya it was minor but still thought I'd throw that out there.

Re: avatar file size

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 1:26 am
by 9 of Spades
+1 on this one.

I see that disk space is really valuable with some service providers, but 6 kiB is very small.
Even though I scaled my avatar down to 90x90 pixels (which is the maximum) it exceeded the 6 kiB.

So please be a little bit more generous with avatar sizes. Thank You.


Re: avatar file size

Posted: Wed Apr 07, 2021 2:38 pm
by sp0ck

avatar size issues will be solved when the game-client and forum avatars get synchronized. Please be patient ;-)

Re: avatar file size

Posted: Thu Apr 08, 2021 1:10 am
by bonobo
Ok, like I said, not a real issue but thought I'd throw it out there. You guys are doing a great job with a really cruddy situation so Kudos! :D

Re: avatar file size

Posted: Thu May 20, 2021 2:41 pm
by sp0ck
Following settings are active now:

max. file size = 128KB / min-max dimensions: 90x90 - 320x320 px