Improvement for the future version Poker TH !

Tell us what do you like to have in PokerTH
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Hi all,
Hello Team Poker TH DeV,

First of all, thank you for this wonderful application, also free to play our favorite game: Texas Hold'em NL.
A big thank you to all ! :D

I will share my user experience feedback with you, in order to provide ideas for improvement for the future version! 8-)

- Display of blinds permanently display on the table
- Offer as many skins as possible for the customization of tables and cards. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
The sound:
In view of the general quality of the game, the only thing that is unfortunate is the sound: call, bet, check, fold all in, chiiiiiiips. 8-)
- Review the overall sound part of the game. Pleeease :)

The display:
- Ability to display in full screen (with another skins table).

Thank you again for this little gem!!

By trying to be constructive and in the exchange...
Good day everybody !! 8-)
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