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Hello PokerTH Community,
We Cup members,
and all WeC fans,

This thread is for general stuff like discussions

You want to join the Weekend Cup?

1.you need some fundamental requirements:

You have played at least 300 ranking games?
You achieved at least 60% combined out of your reached 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in All-Time-Rank-O-Meter at your profile?
You have also finished 2 seasons?
If so, then it's time for you to join.

If you are an experienced player with more than 1,000 games, but you have not achieved the place 1-4 = 60%+ rule, we also implemented a rule for PokerTH Veterans. If so, the following clause could be interesting for you.

veterans rule:

Any player, who miss WEC cut with more than 1000 games and 4 old seasons is also able to qualify via veterans rule.
For such players the weighted average has to be used
The weighted average of the last 100 games of current and last two seasons or last 3 (or more) complete seasons (you need at least 300 games, like WEC cut). An Average of 5.75 is needed to qualify via veterans rule.

the basic formula to calculate the ability of a player is:

(games of current season*average of last 100 games of current season+games of season 2021/2*average of last 100 games of season 2021/2+games of season 2021/1*average of last 100 games of season 2021/1+games of season 2020/4*average of last 100 games of season 2020/4)/(games of current season+ games of season 2021/2+games of season 2021/1+games of season 2020/4)

1.1 Use only one account for participating at WeC games.
If you have any changes concerning your WeC account please contact WeC Administration.

2. NO insulting language! NO harassment! NO cheating!
Any case of misbehaviour will be handled by WeC Administration.

If you have further questions you can watch the links below or post your request in our WEC Main thread.

Important Links concerning the We Cup (WeC) Will follow soon

WeC Website

WeC Main thread

WEC Admin Board Announcements

WEC Ranking 2021

Winners of the Weekend Cups

WEC monthly and yearly Finals

How to create a WeC game

How to report a WeC game

We wish you much fun and success during WEC games.

Your WEC Admin Board
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