Nice Poker Hands ... Or How To Kill A Cat

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LiLaLux calls $100.
RÜBE folds.
Giant folds.
hotte calls $100.
Blupher bets $361.
dagoyknow folds.
LiLaLux calls $311.
hotte calls $311.

FLOP [board cards 3♥️,K♥️,J♥️]
Blupher checks.
LiLaLux checks.
hotte bets $500.
Blupher calls $500.
LiLaLux bets $1000.
hotte calls $500.
Blupher folds.

TURN [board cards 3♥️,K♥️,J♥️,J♠️]
LiLaLux is all in with $89.
hotte calls $89.
LiLaLux shows [T♥️,Q♥️]
hotte shows [J♣️,J♦️]

RIVER [board cards 3♥️,K♥️,J♥️,J♠️,7♣️]
LiLaLux has [ T♥️,Q♥️] - Flush, King high
hotte has [ J♣️,J♦️] - Four of a Kind, Jacks
hotte wins $4011
LiLaLux sits out

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Lila you is the better in nuts, but you for these years, the friends you make is the more important thing...
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